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JACKIE - I am 21 (U)


Despite his father’s pressure to join the British Army, JACKIE LIMBU (Dhiraj Magar) dreams of dancing and actively participates in local dance events in his town, Dharan. This conflict of paternal dream and an individual’s choice ignites a universal idea in Jackie’s mind, to leave his comfort zone and head to the big city, Kathmandu. Once in Kathmandu, Jackie meets his kindred spirit RUBY LAMA (Jassita Gurung) who invites him to join a dance group. It does not take long for these two dreamers to realise that they don’t just share the same passion but they need each other’s participation to get one step closer to fulfilling their dream. Various colourful characters — dancers and family members alike — support and complicate these two lost souls's journey into their dream stage, a DANCE CHAMPIONSHIP finale.

  • Director :  Renasha Rai Rana
  • Cast :  Dhiraj Magar, Jassita Gurung, Arun Chettri & many others.
  • Release On :  May 04, 2023
  • Duration :  2 hours 20 mins

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